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2018 Pet Fair

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     I was rescued from Tri County Animal Shelter by SMAWL when I was 4 weeks old.


When i was 5 weeks old my foster mom noticed my eye swelling and clouding over, I was taken to the animal eye hospital in Huntingtown, the doctors tested my eye and I did not cry, I purred the entire time. They said I was a very special girl as I had Glaucoma- its very rare in kittens. The doctors tired to treat me with drops but my eye continued to swell. I did not let it bother me I still liked to run, play and purr.


In February My foster mom noticed my eye was leaking and to be honest it was a little painful- I saw Dr Autumn at All Kinds Vet and she said my eye had ruptured. Dr Autumn was very sweet with me and said I was a brave girl, she rearranged he work so she could fit me in for surgery. See I knew I was special!!


     Dr Autumn removed my eye and made me feel better, I got lots of head rubs and love at her place, I think they loved me, they all said I was the sweetest girl.


In May I was healed and ready for my forever home. Connor and Mary came to my foster moms house looking for a fur baby. I was worried I would be overlooked but as soon as they saw me they and I fell in love. They did not look at any of the other cats --they only saw me. A few days later I went to my forever home. I don't want to brag... but.... I am the most adored spoiled kitty in the world.