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I had been the worry of many people traveling Route 235 who saw me in traffic, reported that I had possibly been hit, and saw me dumped from a truck. So I lived in the woods and on the run for a while, trying to find love, warmth and compassion. A nice man rescued me when I was young who had a hard time with me so he had to rehome me. My rescuers think that person then dumped me. This means I've had at least three humans in my short life here. I had some separation anxiety, does that surprise you given my story? The animal lovers who have been so worried for me started a Go Fund Me page when they thought I was 'Apollo' - a boy, to purchase a large enough humane trap, and set up a deer camera to help capture me and bring me to safety. Silly humans, I'm a girl and my name is Ari. Many humans cared enough to report sightings of me continuously on this thing called Facebook that helps dogs like me. Two really great ladies, one who works at a shelter and another one who knows how to trap, caught me and contacted SMAWL. SMAWL and Dr. Autumn at All Kinds took care of me. They made sure I wasn't injured (thank goodness I'm not), they took care of my ticks and fleas, and they let me spend the night at their house where it was warm and full of nice people. My foster mom brought me home. I met three new fur-friends, an aunt and uncle, and took a bath. Oh yeah, and learned what spoiled is. She says I'm special and that a lot of people love me. Ari found the perfect home and is living a wonderful life!

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