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2018 Pet Fair

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Social media is a powerful tool in saving animals! One picture was all it took for a group of concerned citizens to drop everything and rush to save this little guy. Upon arrival, they thought they were too late; the little dog had just curled up in the road and given up on life. Little did he know his life was just beginning!

They were able to safely get him in the car and took him directly to the vet.

The vet named him Scruffy. Scruffy was plagued by vet-suspected allergies and was emaciated, but was in surprisingly decent health otherwise. He just needed some TLC to recover.

Several people who had heard Scruffy’s story on social media donated to help cover his vet bills. After about a week, Scruffy was sent to live with a SMAWL foster home, where he was able to recover and learn how to live in a loving home and be a normal dog.

Scruffy found his forever home and is doing great with his kitty sibling.  His coat has grown in and his owner reports he is doing great!